Pinterest Keyword Bank


Never wonder what your target audience is looking for on Pinterest. Get a custom keyword bank made by a Pinterest manager.


Why guess what your target audience is searching for on Pinterest when you can know for sure?

Using software that pulls hidden data from Pinterest, I’ll make you a CUSTOM Pinterest keyword bank full of dozens, hundreds or even thousands of keywords that users are searching for in your niche.

Use these keywords to…

  • Understand your target audience clearly
  • Create content that’s in demand
  • Optimize posts for search

The number of keywords polled will vary based on your niche and the search habits of your target audience.

For example:

  • The “chess tips” search pulls 15 keywords
  • The “travel tips” search pulls 96 keywords
  • The “photography tips” search pulls 243 keywords

How the keyword bank works:
1. Purchase the Pinterest keyword bank in my shop (here!)
2. Answer the questions in the provided intake form, providing me with 10 target keywords in your niche
3. I’ll pull every keyword associated with the provided keywords

Your keyword bank will be sent to you within 48 hours of purchasing.

See examples in the product images.

Have questions? Email me at [email protected] and I’ll help!


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