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Eager to start dominating idea pins on Pinterest but you’re not sure where to start? Check it off your list with these Pinterest idea pin templates.

These are SUPER easy-to-use drag-and-drop Canva templates, equipped with tips and a brainstorming workbook.

Plus after your purchase: you also get ongoing support via email! Email me anytime at [email protected]


Who wishes they had a time machine to go back and become an Instagram, TikTok or YouTube early adopter? What about being the first-ever blog in your niche? Can you imagine being there from the beginning? 

Well, there is still time to dominate your niche with Pinterest’s newest feature: idea pins (previously called story pins) 

Idea pins are getting explosive reach. They’re different from other types of Pinterest marketing, but you’ll get EVERYTHING you need to know to succeed with idea pins on Pinterest with this template purchase.

With this Pinterest idea pins template purchase, you will get 7 different designs to create and publish idea pins on Pinterest. These templates are drag-and-drop and designed in Canva.

Each of the 7 templates has a unique design. The page layouts are flexible and can be moved around and personalized to illustrate your idea.


  • 7 idea pin templates made in Canva 
  • Idea Pin Generation Workbook: Generate Dozens Of Ideas

Idea pins can be up to 20 pages long, and Pinterest recommends a minimum of 5 pages. Therefore, at a minimum, each template includes:

  1. A cover slide
  2. A standout point slide (such as “step 1: prepare”)
  3. A slide to elaborate the point
  4. A bold statement slide to get readers’ attention and break up idea pin
  5. A call-to-action slide

See for yourself in this template tour: 

Please note: 

  • You DO NOT need a Canva pro subscription to access all elements included in these Pinterest idea pin templates.
  • Photos in mockups are not included in designs.
  • Designs have filler text and are to be filled with your original content.

Shop policy:

Writing From Nowhere does not accept returns, exchanges or cancelations of digital products. To help every customer achieve success, I’ve made a Canva 101 YouTube series to walk you through common Canva frustrations and issues. Please email me if you have issues that can’t be resolved with that series or any of my resources. This purchase is for 1 person. You do not have permission to distribute, resell or share these designs.

26 reviews for Pinterest Idea Pin Templates

  1. Nadalie Bardo

    Let’s all be real, none of us want to have to struggle to design pretty pins. Especially, IDEA PINS, which we’re just wrapping our heads around. These templates are EVERYTHING. Skip the stress, stop the avoidance, and get your first Idea Pin up in no time with these templates. Plus, all the little how-tos and tips throughout are an amazing bonus. THANK YOU!

  2. Julia

    These templates are both beautiful and functional. I love the extra tips as well. Using these templates saves me time and help me use Pinterest to grow my business. 10/10 recommend!

  3. Aaron

    These idea pin templates are incredible! I’ve purchased templates in the past but none have come with such detailed instructions as these. Kayla did such a thorough job to explain the “Why” behind everything so you really understand what you’re doing, instead of simply inputting your brand & content. They’ve also given me thousands of new views on Pinterest so they’re definitely set up to make Pinterest happy!

  4. Susie

    I’ve been trying to up my pinning strategy with idea pins and came across these templates. I love how easy they are to customize, and they also come with clear instructions on how to build an idea pin. I’m so impressed with Kayla’s business sense and graphic design skills, and I highly recommend these templates!

  5. Natalie

    These are not your ordinary templates. The designs are beautiful and so easy to customize. What really blew me away is the instructions and additional resources. The templates came with a mini idea pin tutorial, with advice around idea pin best practice and getting the best reach. My results speak for themselves with over 5k impressions within the first 24 hours!

  6. Joanne

    I would 100% recommend these idea pin templates-they’ve been worth every penny. Not only are the templates beautiful and easy to use, the workbook that accompanies them explains the process and how you can use idea pins by giving real life examples. Plus the customer service was amazing-Kayla was always super attentive!

  7. Steve

    Awesome set of templates, complete with live examples and crystal clear directions. Saved me so much time, thanks Kayla

  8. Stephanie

    I am completely blown away from the value of this product — the service, the instructions (including a video and lots of notes/suggestions/examples), and the ease of using the templates. Getting the guidance of this product to start making more idea pins was exactly what I needed to motivate me. In fact, I even got one of my pins featured on the coveted Pinterest Today tab — something I consider a direct result of being motivated to make more pins from using Kayla’s idea pin template pack.

  9. Tamara Pflug

    Creating Idea Pins can make you feel overwhelmed and confused! Thank’s to Kayla, I could use her templates and publish my first Idea Pin in a few minutes!!
    I can only recommend them, they are beautiful and exactly what Pinterest wants you to have to be successful on their platform! Thank you Kayla!! 🙂

  10. Vanni

    This was the FIRST set of templates I’ve ever purchased. Very easy to use and pretty. I haven’t gotten a chance to work with all of them yet. I’m pretty happy with my purchase. I’m surprised at how much detailed instruction and tips she includes. I watched all of her mini videos on Youtube for Canva tips. I’m not new to Canva, but I still learned a few things and found it very helpful.

  11. Katie Hondros

    Holy moly! I can’t believe all these templates were so affordable. It’s hard to find good templates at a decent price, and honestly, after downloading these, I would have paid way more. The attention that Kayla put into them to ensure that I can use them successfully is above and beyond what I expected. Idea pins drive me crazy, but I’m glad to have some templates to build off of now.

  12. Sarah Fournier

    These templates were so beautiful designed and well thought out. I loved the detailed instructions and examples for each one. For $10 there is so much value here! Thanks for sharing these 🙂

  13. Juliette

    Am loving these templates. They make idea pins so much easier!

  14. Michelle

    This idea template bundle truly over delivered. I love how examples are provided for each pin idea, many that I’ve never heard of or even seen on Pinterest before. The templates are well designed and great for the seasoned and beginner pinner alike

  15. Ben Poston

    Really like these templates! And the fact that they have very detailed instructions on how to use them. Can’t wait to build out my Idea Pins with these!!

  16. Staci Phelps

    These pins are fabulous! Kayla makes them SO user friendly… Really glad I found her site and am able to construct my first idea pins with templates from an expert because I was a little bit “lost”. This is incredibly helpful!

  17. Staci Phelps

    I just had to come leave another review! I completed my first two idea pins. By the time I finished the second one the first already had 687 impressions and several saves! If you are on the fence about these templates just BUY THEM! They are easy and fun to use and you KNOW you are providing exactly what the Pinterest algorithm wants. I was afraid they’d be too tekkie for me… but they could not be easier! As far as “value for the money” this is probably the most useful thing I have purchased in a long time!

  18. Catherine Wilde | Soul Care Mom

    These pin templates are AMAZING! Not only does Kayla include a variety of fabulous templates she provides everything you need to make creating idea pins a breeze, including a guide and workbook to help you get the most out of your purchase. These templates will save you time and help you create professional pins! I highly recommend these for any business owner looking to grow on Pinterest!

  19. Macy Sarbacker

    These templates are amazing!! I am new to idea pins, so these templates really have helped save me time and stress! I highly recommend these templates!

  20. Courtney

    I am amazed by the value you get for $10. This could be sold for much more. It’s really helped me to be able to create idea pins I’m proud of. I can’t recommend these enough for anyone overwhelmed by creating interesting and well-designed idea pins.

  21. Amanda Dover

    These are wonderful! So easy to use and So affordable!

  22. Asha

    I’m genuinely impressed at the level of detailed instructions provided. Not only are these templates well-designed, but optimizing them for unique branding is easy.

  23. Dominique C. | Christian Prints 3.16

    Kayla’s Idea Pin package is an AMAZING tool for any Pinterest user and is worth much more than $15! I wasn’t a big fan of creating idea pins because the whole process is time-consuming and a bit complicated but Kayla’s package solves these issues, and then some. Not only are her Idea Pins beautifully designed, full of great tips and detailed instruction, easy to use, varied and versatile but Kayla herself is a sweetheart. I asked her to help for something I had some trouble with and she very kindly was on hand to sort out my issue. I highly recommend the Idea Pins package and I wish that all content creators were as kind, generous and lovely as Kayla!

  24. Antonia | Peaceful Postnatal

    These are so easy to use, and visually beautiful too! I absolutely love how Kayla provides detailed notes and examples – really takes the product to the next level.

  25. Charzaria Ramsey

    Been looking for an immediate way to leverage other people’s resources to jump start my marketing journey.

  26. Charzaria Ramsey

    It’s important rule in the world of any business to leverage other peoples resources or talents to gain a competitive advantage, “NO ONE CAN IT ALONE”. This product is great for boosting your dream idea into reality.

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