Pinterest Audit


You deserve to end the guessing game and quit second-guessing yourself. You deserve a Pinterest audit.


Who needs a Pinterest account audit? Anyone who’s unsure if they’re reaching their potential with their Pinterest marketing.

Whether you’ve just gotten a Pinterest business account or you’ve been on Pinterest for a decade, an account audit will help you better results.

Start off on the right foot or get back on track with your Pinterest strategy.


  • Feedback on your Pinterest account and content. What’s being done incorrectly? What opportunities are being missed? Let me fine-tune your account.
  • A PDF with audit results. Much more than just a Pinterest audit checklist, the results are 30+ pages long explaining the best practices, what changes need made and how to make those changes. Absolute clarity!
  • I’ll also look at your social media accounts, website and brand content as a whole to provide holistic feedback specific to YOUR marketing
  • A keyword bank full of the EXACT keywords your readers are searching for on Pinterest. No more guessing.
  • Get my best-selling products: Pinterest SEO Templates and Idea Pin Templates
  • Plus BONUS: 30-minute Zoom call for follow-up questions


Step 1: Purchase in my shop

  • Your purchase is secure. As a member of the Pinterest Verified Merchant Program, my shop has been verified by Pinterest.

Step 2: Complete your audit intake form 

  • The form will be available immediately after purchase and takes about 7 minutes to complete. Unsure about some of the questions? Skip ’em.
  • Included products (Pinterest SEO Templates and Idea Pin Templates) will be available immediately

Step 3: Get audit results in 7 days 

  • Receive a 30+ page PDF with exact action items to improve your Pinterest profile, pin designs, growth and more
  • Done-for-you optimization: I’ll write your profile description and Pinterest boards to be optimized for searches and your target audience
  • Pinterest keyword bank: get a PDF full of the exact keywords that your

BONUS: Zoom call 

  • Sign up for a bonus 30-minute Zoom call to ask questions, review your pins together, anything!

Unsure if a Pinterest audit is right for you? Send me an email at [email protected]. I know that no one hires a Pinterest expert lightly, and I’ll answer any questions you have to help you decide if this process is right for you.

This is the ultimate Pinterest marketing package. Many creators reach for a generic Pinterest consultant, but an audit will improve your Pinterest marketing holistically.

Not ready for a paid Pinterest audit?  Start with my free Pinterest audit checklist


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