Keysearch Checklist + SEO Guide

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This simple step-by-step SEO checklist walks you through every aspect of optimizing your content. No more combing through endless guides and articles for bits of wisdom. You know exactly what to do.

From early idea to fully optimized end result, this checklist gives you a roadmap at every step of the content creation process.



When it comes to SEO, do you feel like you’re just missing something

There is so much information out there but spending hours combing through articles that only seem to make SEO more confusing is disheartening. Not to mention that translating case studies or general SEO advice into actionable steps can raise more questions than it answers. 

The time has come to take action and get the hang of this SEO thing. No more general information; it’s time for concrete steps to optimize your content. 

This checklist contains a detailed, step-by-step guide to optimizing your content. It uses Keysearch, a popular and affordable ($17 a month) SEO tool.


  • A comprehensive, interactive checklist to be used for every piece of new content or in order to update your best existing content.
  • Understand how each step on the checklist works towards boosting your rankings with an overview of what SEO is and more importantly, what it tries to do.
  • A guide to an affordable keyword research tool, Keysearch, that makes doing keyword research easier and cheaper. You can boost your rankings without spending hundreds of dollars.
  • Keep track of those amazing keywords and content ideas with the brainstorming sheet. 

Please note:

  • This product uses Keysearch for its keyword research section. If you’re not using that specific program, you won’t get the maximum value from this product. If you’d like to sign up now, you can use my code KSDISC for 20% off of every month of Keysearch.

19 reviews for Keysearch Checklist + SEO Guide

  1. Nadalie Bardo

    I’ve heard of KeySearch for years, but not until this SEO guide and checklist did I understand HOW to actually use it. I was shocked to learn that there’s more to Keysearch than simply finding keywords. I’ll never write another blog post without checking every box on this checklist. Thank you for helping me to rank higher in search results. OMG, and it’s simply GORGEOUS.

  2. Michelle

    As a veteran blogger of 2 years, I have read a lot about SEO and have been slowly updating my strategies. I am a big fan of Keysearch and already use it excessively before starting on any new blogpost. This checklist taught me 2 additional ways to look for keywords! I am now ready to start working on my new article with this batch of SEO-optimized keywords that I found using this new checklist. Thank you so much for all this advice!!

  3. Kathy Gelbman

    Being fairly new to blogging (the right way anyhow), and having never used Keysearch before, I was thrilled to discover the Keysearch Checklist and SEO Guide! It took me through everything that I needed to know about Keysearch step-by-step. Now I’m doing searches and building lists of effective keywords to inspire my blog posts going forward! This guide not only shows you how to use Keysearch, it provides tools to use to organize your results and a checklist to make sure that all posts are keyword optimized. The format is easy to follow and walks you right through the process. I can’t even believe the work that I was doing to find keywords before. As an added bonus, I gained some great tips about how to optimize images! Highly recommend this checklist and guide. I have gotten such great value out of it!

  4. RaLea Harbrige

    I’ve taken an expensive SEO course, but couldn’t afford the product recommended. I subscribed to Keysearch instead but didn’t know how to use it (and avoided it for months)… until now. This guide has finally helped me understand Keysearch & how to use it to grow my business. I can honestly say I never would have figured this out on my own or taken the time to go through various Keysearch-provided tutorials. Having everything in one place, explained simply & clearly, and with a clear checklist is a business-saver.

  5. Lucie Palka

    This SEO guide walks you step by step on how to find your keywords using KeySeach. I’m new to Keysearch and I would be confused without this checklist & guide. It also walks you through all the places you should be putting those keywords. This is more than just a checklist! This document really exceeded my expectations. Great value!

  6. Maddy Rose

    This guide to SEO & Keysearch is an amazing supplement to any blogging course! In my experience, some blogging courses gloss over keyword research by simply providing an overview of the various keyword research tools. None have gone into extensive depth about how to get the most out of keyword research tool like this guide to Keysearch. I’ve been using Keysearch for over a year now and learned about several features that I had no idea existed. I will be referring back to this guide frequently while blogging!

  7. Joanne Anderson

    This is an incredible resource. I thought I had all the foundational SEO skills I needed but this guide really takes it to another level! The guide is super-detailed and takes you through step by step. Worth every penny!

  8. Natasha Funderburk

    This guide is honestly a must have for ANYONE who is running a blog or website. I’m a KeySearch user but definitely still a beginner when it comes to SEO and keyword research, and this checklist encompasses everything I didn’t even realize I’ve needed to help me be a more effective and efficient blogger. Plus, it’s easy to understand and my favorite part about it is how it’s interactive – I can type my notes right on the virtual page. Amazing value for such a great price – definitely a must-have for anyone trying to improve their SEO!

  9. Abida Islam Progga

    The SEO- Guide was absolutely awesome overall. As a beginner blogger, the guide was so crucial for me. Everything is explained in an easy and clear way that anyone can understand. I wish I would have know about keysearch before. Even the bunch of articles added at the end of the Seo guide were helpful too. I checked every of them to know more about the SEO and Pinterest term. 100% recommended for everyone!

  10. Tamara Pflug

    I’ve been blogging for a while and I always knew the importance of SEO. Google is so powerful, people google things all day long! I knew I had to rank higher in search results but it can be very overwhelming as to where to start!! This guide to SEO & Keysearch is really the only guide you’ll ever need. It’s super complete and very user-friendly. Oh, and did I say how pretty it looks?! It truly makes the whole difference! This plus the professionalism of Kayla. She knows what she’s teaching and she’s such a nice person! I’ll definitely check out her next products, I already have all the other ones!

  11. Kathy Fluch

    Even when I had just skimmed through this guide, it looked really good. Now that I’ve read it more carefully, it’s concise and immediately helpful for sure. SEO is a BIG and complicated topic. I have some big-name SEO courses that are overwhelming. Not saying those aren’t useful, just that if you need somewhere to at least begin without overwhelm, Kayla’s checklist is a great place for that. It MAY be the only thing you’ll ever need. It’s also gorgeous!

    And Keysearch is a great and affordable alternative to the expensive alternatives. Get Kayla’s guide and be on your way to SEO domination!

  12. Lisa Grant

    This guide and checklist has all the basics about SEO and more! Keysearch is one of my favorite tools to use when writing a blog post and I was so happy to find this guide. It’s great for beginners but also good for more seasoned writers as it is easy to go through the checklist and check off everything that needs to be done to get a good google ranking. I highly recommend this for anyone using keysearch!

  13. Kasandra Bliss

    I’m pretty new to Keysearch, so this guide was incredibly helpful. There are so many tips in here that would otherwise have taken me forever (or never) to figure out on my own.

    I struggle with SEO sometimes as well. I’m definitely going to use this checklist on every single blog post moving forward, and I’m going to go back and double check things on my existing posts.

    The guide is super easy to navigate, easy to read, and pretty to look at! I can’t wait to see how utilizing it helps my blog grow in the future.

  14. Sara

    This is more than a checklist!! This is a mini SEO course. Kayla has provided so much value here with not only a checklist for keyword use and blog post SEO, but also a tutorial on how to use Keysearch effectively – something that this product taught me I was not doing! I’ve had keysearch for 6 months and was not using all the features I learned about here and am so excited to up my SEO game and see the results thanks to all I learned. Overall it’s a great, succinct yet detailed resource to kick start SEO the right way without getting too bogged down in confusing details. I highly recommend it for any beginning blogger!

  15. Diana Trinh

    This was such a comprehensive and interesting checklist! I’ve been following other blogs for a while now (Moz, Backlinko) but I felt like they were too complicated for me even though I’ve been in marketing for 6 years. Kayla has put in so much effort into making this checklist full of helpful tips, best practices, and more!

  16. Katelynn Sortino

    Love this! Super useful and actionable guide that I’ll reference back to frequently. I learned a lot about Keysearch that I never knew, and even some new tips about things I did know. Thanks for creating this awesome resource!

  17. Robyn Carter

    Very helpful guide for a beginner!

  18. Lavonda P.

    I’m beyond thankful I stumbled upon this treasure chest of SEO info that I needed as a beginner blogger. It is an absolute gold mine!!

  19. April

    I have been blogging for a long time and have always struggled with understanding SEO research and how to apply it correctly to my posts. I have watched several tutorials and read many blog posts and forums, and all they did was create more confusion and I felt discouraged. I haven’t been able to grasp just how to do it until now. This is the most comprehensive tool I have come across for Keysearch! Kayla made this all make sense to me and I have seen my pageviews triple since using her method and applying SEO to my posts THE RIGHT WAY! She teaches how to use the tool in a way that isn’t overwhelming and how to maximize the research on the tool. Her checklist helps me to make sure that I cover everything to maximize my efforts. I really appreciated this and absolutely recommend this guide! Thanks, Kayla!

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