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Reach out your hand and invite pinners’ minds to wander with you with The Daydream Template Pack. These pin designs are bold, dreamy, and break right through the noise of the Pinterest smart feed. These are designs that will make pinners WANT to click. Come see for yourself.


The Daydream designs were born from my own Pinterest account, where I reach more than 3,000,000 people per month. The bright colors, contrast and glowing text resonates with viewers, and quickly became my account’s primary pin style.


  1. 5 unique PIN DESIGNS ?
    • Each design comes with a demo slide to show you how this looks in action, and a template slide ready for you to add your own content
  2. Tips in the NOTES section of each page ✅
    • Open the notes for tips on how to customize each design, PLUS all the ✨ extras ✨ (keep reading!)
  3. The EXTRAS ? 
    • Extra #1: the Pin Success Workbook, which will help you generate 50 fresh pin ideas so you can MAXIMIZE your Pinterest efforts
    • The last 2 pages of the workbook are checklists taken from a paid pin design course to make sure that your final designs check every box before publishing 
    • Extra #2: CANVA 101 mini YouTube series to answer common Canva FAQs
    • Extra #3: Ongoing email support (point #4)
  4. If you need help with anything, I am available via email! ?
    • I include my email address on every single page. Never hesitate to reach out

Please note:

  • You DO NOT need a Canva pro subscription to access all elements included in these pin templates
  • Photos in mockups are not included in designs
  • Designs have filler text and are to be filled with your original content

Shop policy:

Writing From Nowhere does not accept returns, exchanges or cancelations of digital products. To help every customer achieve success, I’ve made a Canva 101 YouTube series to walk you through common Canva frustrations and issues. Please email me if you have issues that can’t be resolved with that series or any of my resources. This purchase is for 1 person. You do not have permission to distribute, resell or share these designs.

7 reviews for Daydream Pin Templates

  1. Steve

    Hey Kayla these templates are inspiring! I feel like I have taken a design masterclass with detailed notes on every template, a sneak peek into the mind of the master pinner. Thank You

  2. Abida

    These templetes were just awesome. They were extra ordinary and my favorite of all the time. The canva YouTube series was so helpful. I would have given it 10/5 stars if I could do this. I highly recommend it for everyone!!

  3. Tamara Pflug

    I’ve already been using the other AMAZING templates of Kayla and this one is actually the DREAM!
    Really pretty designs and what is awesome with Kayla is that I don’t feel like I have to be on top of what’s working on Pinterest, I can count on her for this! 🙂
    I just have to create my own pins from her magical templates! I’ll be a forever customer!!

    Thank you so much Kayla!!

    P.S. Outstanding customer experience also! She’s very professional and will recommend her and her work again and again!!

  4. Sara

    Not just fantastic Pin templates, but also a Canva workshop too with all the awesome tips, tutorials and explanations Kayla includes!

    These were so helpful, I not only quickly and easily made great pins but learned a lot in the process!

    These templates are awesome for big images and big headlines to grab the attention of readers, I love them! Thanks Kayla!

  5. Karen

    Kayla, thank you so much for these templates! I like to DIY a LOT of my own stuff, but this seriously helped me focus more on getting the relevant content made and then had your beautiful designs ready to help me draw the attention I needed!

  6. Asha

    I didn’t think I’d need this template until I got it. A unique design that can be optimized in many ways. I love that!

  7. Betsy

    These templates make it so easy to create great-looking pins that stand out in the Pinterest feed! I love that they can be optimized for maximum impact.

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